Pellet Grill

All I was after when I started to look for a better BBQ was something that I could use to have consistent and repeatable results and to have better tasting food. Also being able to have a larger variety of food choice to BBQ was important.

I was frustrated by the Home Depot product that I was using.  It seemed like it had zones over the cooking area where the heat was different and not all of my steaks would be done at the same time. So everyone could start not eating at the same time. On top of that it had to be rebuilt almost every other year and if I had been smart I would have just replaced it to start with since the parts that went out ended up costing as much as a new BBQ would have. But since they were going out gradually it was not as noticeable. So I thought that it might be wiser to invest a little more and get a good one. I like to BBQ a lot in the summer time.

What I Discovered Was that

Pellet BBQ Grill Review agree that for the best flavor and consistancy you must have a high quality temp controller  A Wood Pellet Grill is much more than a just another Barbecue grill. It is a cooking revolution; quite possibly the world’s best barbecue’s are Pellet Grills. That is why they are also the choice for  most BBQ competitions. More often than not the winners has used a wood BBQ for the enhanced flavor they provide. The term Pellet Grill is also synonymous with Pellet Smoker it is primarily just a different temperature setting.


RecTec Pellet BBQ Grills

By far the best Pellet Grill for the moneyIf you want the best  pellet BBQ Grill review you have to include the RecTec which utilizes a revolutionary approach called Smart Grill Technology. This technology automatically maintains a constant temperature until your food is done to absolute perfection. Only by controlling the temperature this accurately you can achieve the same high quality results Every Time.



With RecTec’s Precision Temperature Controller

Pellet BBQ Grills- pellet BBQ Cooking for best outdoor flavor

Consistent mouth watering flavor

Never again will the outside be overdone and the inside not cooked to the correct doneness that you prefer. You can now also cook those cuts of meat that require extended slow cooking as well. Plus perfection is achieved without the need to constantly monitor the heat and flame because these grills keeps the temperature with in 5 degrees. If you need further convincing since the flame is not directly below you food they is no charring and you don’t need to even turn the food with most cuts of meat on a pellet grill.

You will find yourself trying all sort of different cut of meats as well as foods that you might not associate with BBQ cooking. As you get use to using the pellet grill’s  settings  you’ll discover that they is no limit to what you are able to prepare. It the quality is amazing  and so is the diversity that you can come up with. Pizza, cookies, even turkeys’ are easier and far tastier with  the wood  grill flavor added in. The reviews that you will get by your friends will be outstanding. I suspect that you might come to the same conclusion that I came to in a matter of days and that was what took me so long to investigate all that Pellet Grills have to offer.

Advantages of Pellet Smokers

If you have read this far you already know that wood-smoked flavor can’t be matched by gas or charcoal. You owe it to yourself to contact the  people over at RectTecGrills.

We will be posting some mouth watering recipes for our pellet grill  shortly.

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